Rohit Roy Gets Trolled For Posting “Rajinikanth Test Positive For Coronavirus”

Actor Rohit Roy was heavily trolled after he posted a joke on superstar Rajinikanth "testing positive" for coronavirus. Following the negative comments, his reaction was, "Guys chill ... don't be so morose." Earlier, Rohit posted this joke on Instagram, he wrote, "Rajinikant tested +ve for Corona. Corona is now under quarantine." He captioned it: "Let''s beat the shit outa the corona!! Be safe when u get back to work! Wear your masks n keep washing n sanitizing several times a day, as much as possible... The virus can''t affect us unless WE LET IT ! #staysafe." The joke didn't go down well with superstar's fans, and Rohit was soon being trolled on social media. The actor then responded with this comment: "Guys chill ... don''t be so morose! A joke is a joke.. and sorry I don''t think it''s in bad taste.. it''s a typical Rajni sir joke.. and my intention was to make you guys smile.. look at the intention before you start commenting.. at least I didn''t crack a joke to hurt you all like you all are posting messages deliberately to hurt me."

6th June 2020 | 11:37 AM (IST)