Palak Sidhwani Talks About Replacing Nidhi Bhanushali In Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is one the longest and most loved comedy show on Indian Television. The show started back in 2008 and it doesn't seem to look back as it holds a special place in everyone's heart. Be it the story, characters or PJ's the audience has appreciated the show with much love and respect. Although many actors have been replaced over time due to various reasons but quality remains the same. Characters such as Tapu, Dr. Haathi and Sodhi have been replaced once but Sonu's character has been replaced multiple times. Last year Palak Sidhwani replaced Nidhi Bhanushali due to further studies. Now, Palak opened up about reactions of her as the new Sonu, and does she feel that replacing a character is a disadvantage, she said, “I wouldn’t say it is a complete disadvantage but yes to some extent it is. As far as Sonu’s character is concerned, Nidhi Bhanushali played the character for around seven months and has become the face of Sonu and suddenly a new person in the same shoes would of course not get instant acceptance from the audience." Talking about comparison, she said, "There is also always a comparison drawn between both the actors. I’m trying my level best each day to meet to their expectations and I feel to some extent, I have been successful in doing the same”. The audience’s expectation increases as the previous actor set a bar and there’s a constant pressure of performing well and living up to the expectation. Similarly, Nidhi had set the bar high and exceeded everyone's expectations, but Palak has been under constant pressure to live up to that expectations.

12th May 2020 | 04:12 PM (IST)