Naagin 4 Creative Director Mukta Dhond Squashes Reports Of Show Going Off Air

Coronavirus lockdown has started taking toll on everyone's life, people are trying to secure work. Amid such crucial situation, there were reports stating Ekta Kapoor's Naagin 4 is going off air and actors have been sacked due to budget issues, fortunately every reports have been squashed by shows Creative director Mukta Dhond. The show that stars Nia Sharma and Vijendra Kumeria is all set to be revamped post lockdown with new faces, new storyline and new twists and turns. Mukta revealed, "Well, we are not shutting the fourth season. We have something big planned. When the show returns, it will come back with a bang where you will see Nia Sharma like never before. The suspense related to lal tekri mandir raaz will soon be revealed. There is something bigger and powerful than naagmani. Few characters will eventually be out of the show and new characters will be introduced. In short one story will end and another one will start." Well that's a relief but fans will still miss Rashami's presense who's officially out from the show. Reportedly, there'll be a new villain who will create greater havoc in the lives of Naagin.

28th May 2020 | 01:45 PM (IST)