Mukesh Khanna Reacts To Viral Image Of Cooler In Mahabharat

Coronavirus lockdown has brought back BR Chopra’s Mahabharat and it’s being loved by everyone. The show garnered record-breaking TRPs, which made Mahabharat the most-watched show. However, in a recent episode, some fans alleged that they spotted a cooler behind Bhishma Pitamah, however, later some fans dived into the situation and cleared it’s not cooler, it’s just a fancy looking pillar. When the news reached out Mukesh Khanna who played Bhishma Pitamah, wants to know who posted the viral picture, he said, “I want to know yeh picture aayi kahan se and secondly yeh kisne spot kiya. I doubt if this picture is from a still from the show. And if it is, it is a huge mistake. I don’t think such a glaring mistake would have happened from BR Chopra’s side. He was too careful with the making and the editing of Mahabharat. We were shooting in Film City which was fully air conditioned.” However, he later accepted that they used cooler behind the scenes due to his heavy costume and beard, which used to irritate him.

28th April 2020 | 03:58 PM (IST)