Lyricist Gulzar And Shaan Come Together To Create A Theme Song For Animated Show, Titoo

Veteran lyricist Gulzar, singer Shaan and composer Simaab Sen have come together for the theme song of a new homegrown animated show, Titoo. The show, “Titoo: Har Jawaab Ka Sawaal Hu”, has a fastpaced track that introduces the show’s good-hearted troublemaker hero. Shaan, who has lent his voice to the track, said: “The theme song is a sneak peek into Titoo’s funny personality, and singing it was a fun experience. I am excited for fans to discover his world with it. I’m particularly curious and excited for kids to try the tongue-twister, which is as wacky as Titoo!”

31st July 2020 | 12:43 PM (IST)