Kushal Tandon Slams People Who Are Sharing Rishi Kapoor’s Hospital Video

Veteran star Rishi Kapoor's death came as a huge shock for everyone. The happy go lucky actor was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night after he suffered from breathing difficulty and in the morning the actor took his last breath. However, there have several pictures and videos been circulated of Rishi Kapoor is hospital bed, small screen hunk Kushal Tandon was deeply hurt seeing people sharing the video and slammed everyone for sharing it. Kushal took his social media and wrote, “There’s a forward that a ward boy or someone from the hospital has shot of Rishi Kapoor in his hospital bed just before he passed. I saw it. And think it’s a gross violation of his privacy. If you do receive it, delete it rather than forward it further. I did.” Even hospital management issued an official statement, in which they strongly condemned such actions and promised to take strict action against the perpetrators. Even Jay Bhanushali and Karan Wahi slammed the person for violating a patients privacy.

2nd May 2020 | 02:56 PM (IST)