Karan Patel Tells Everyone To Open Up About Their Emotions After Increase In Suicide Cases

The world is currently under major crisis due to Coronavirus. Just like common citizens, celebrities are too hit by the global pandemic. There has been many reports from around the world that people have committed suicide due to lack of work and financial crisis, similarly TV actor Manmeet Grewal too committed suicide due to same issue. After witnessing increase in suicide cases, TV star Karan Patel pens down heartwarming yet motivational post, to give strength to such people who think suicide is the only option. Taking to his social media account, Karan shared, "So I wanted to know, is it that easy to just give up on life. I mean, life throws these curve balls at everyone at some point of their life but not all of them decide to surrender to the problems. Foolish are those who think it takes a lot of strength to take your own life, sorry to burst your bubble but its a bloody cowardly act. It only means that you accept that your problem is bigger than your faith in god or it is worth far more than the love that your family has for you. But, do you realise that its only you who has escaped and in return left behind bunch of broken hearts and lost souls who might never recover from this betrayal of yours or have you become so blindly selfish that you don’t give a fuck about the effect your actions will have on your family and loved ones ?" In the same post, Karan requested people to seek help from their loved ones or professional and says there is nothing shameful in confessing that you are hurting, infact it takes a lot of guts to expose your weakness and that is what freinds and family are for. Share with them, Care for them and at times when you feel vulnerable, just Stare at them.

19th May 2020 | 04:45 PM (IST)