Karan Patel Takes A Dig At Film Fraternities With Example From Mahabharat

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has sparked a lot of controversies regarding the Indian film industry and unity among film fraternities. A lot of celebs spoke their hearts out, Karan Patel who is known for his unapologetic views on various things recently slammed Bollywood stars for their ignorance and ruthless behavior against outsiders. The actor took to his Instagram, where he shared an important part of Mahabharat when Abhimanyu gets killed by Kauravas after being trapped in Chakravyuh. Sharing the sequence he wrote, "Was watching mahabharat today . Kamaal ka episode tha ... Aaj ke episode mein kuch neech dhoorton ne abhimanyu ko Chakravyuh mein phasa kar kaayarta se maar diya .... Abhimanyu ki chita jal Rahi thi ... maasoom baalak shaatiron ke haathon maara gaya ... bada hi dardnaak drishya tha .... Bhagwaan uss Pavitra Aatma ko shaanti de" However, he did not mention any name but going by the situation it's clear that he's indirectly taunting Bollywood for not recognizing talented stars rather giving chance to undeserving star kids. In his yet post, Karan mentioned how people are alone despite having millions of followers on, which actually proves the virtual world is fake.

18th June 2020 | 04:31 PM (IST)