Hindustani Bhau Gets Emotional After A Girl Insults National Anthem On Tiktok

Hindustani Bhau's take on social issues aren't loved by some people but still he continues to expresses his views on majority of the controversy. Anyone likes it or not he claims he does everything for fans and present in such a way a people connect with him personally. He never shies away from helping poor and eversince nationwide lockdown was announced, Bhau has been constantly feeding and helping poor people who are hit by the pandemic financially. Recently, for the first time ever Hindustani Bhau cried during a video after a NRI girl insulted National Anthem on TikTok, in the video he further encourage everyone to raise voice against such people who insults the nation. Sharing the video on his social media account, Bhau wrote, "Kab tak hum bardaast karenge, ab to sudhar jao"

26th May 2020 | 05:36 PM (IST)