Here's Why Palak Tiwari Thinks She's Not A Tik Tok Material

Small screen star Shweta Tiwari is well known for her top notch acting skills, but looks like her daughter Palak Tiwari will soon be taking over her mother's career. Palak who's social active is one of the most prominent internet sensation. From beauty tips to without routines Palak has bowled everyone with her charming and glorious looks. Palak who enjoys a massive fan following on Instagram, recently had a QnA session in which she made a lot of interesting revelations. During the session a fan asked about her plans of joining Tik Tok, but Palak's answer is hard to believe, the fan first complimented her by writing, "Watching Palak Tiwari's gorgeous Instagram posts. (Wished she also had TikTok, I could binge watch)." First the gorgeous lady thanked the fan then reveled why she'll never join Tik Tok, she wrote, "Hahah that is so sweet. And fun fact, I made a TikTok account for literally 0.5 seconds and then realised that I'm not a TikTok material," Well her response is making everyone sad as she has great looks and beauty to be on the video sharing app. But we hope soon she herself or someone changes her mind so that we can enjoy her glomour filled Tik Tok videos.

9th May 2020 | 03:03 PM (IST)