Here's why former Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth was rushed to hospital late at night

Yesterday morning Sambhavna Seth was rushed to hospital as she was feeling unwell, her husband Avinash gave the news on his social media, which reads, “Hi guys, yesterday night we had to rush to the hospital as Sambhavna is unwell. We came back at 5 am in the morning.. And now taking her to the hospital again...So there will be no vlog today." However he didn't clarify what exactly happened to her, and now when a news portal reached out to her, she revealed, "Actually, my blood pressure went very low and I fainted. Also, I have a major ear infection. Right now, my ear is completely blocked. By the way, no hospitals let us in at 4 in the morning. They didn’t open their gates. I tried a few and then we went to Kokilaben and thankfully, they attended me. But after my check-up and treatment they told me to leave as it was not safe for me. That’s why we went again in the day." Soon after her husband's post went viral, good wishes started pouring in from various industry friends. Hope, she gets well real soon so that we'll get to see more of her fun YouTube vlogs.

6th May 2020 | 12:53 PM (IST)