Gufi Paintal Reveals How Mahabharat Was Chartering New Grounds Back In The Day

Amid coronavirus lockdown, to keep everyone hooked to their television screens DD National started airing their old shows, no doubt classic shows were far more better in terms of acting and story. While Ramayan ended last week, Mahabharat is still going strong. For many, it’s memory down the lane but for today’s generation, it is something new and compelling. Netizens have often shared love for their favorite Mahabharat character and one of them is Gufi Paintal who played the Shakuni Mama. In an interview, Gufi says how they were chartering new grounds back in the day with minimal resources, he said, “When we shot 'Mahabharat', television had just entered India. Unlike foreign countries, where TV shows were popular, in India we were still struggling to make them. But then masters of cinema, like BR Chopra, came on board, and shot TV shows with the same pace and heart which they used to make cinema. Those masters knew what kind of emotions to give. They knew the right emotions, right pauses. The editing was smooth. They gave time for people to laugh and cry. But there were challenges, as TV was still a new field and it was different than cinema. In cinema, you shoot in light and see in the dark theatres. But on TV, this was not the case.” However, they overcame the difficulties and created an epic show whose legacy still stands apart. Talking about the negative character he played, the actor says that over the years, people have loved to hate him as Shakuni Mama.

14th May 2020 | 04:29 PM (IST)