Find Out Why Shaheer Sheikh Doesn’t Watch Money Heist

Prominent Spanish web series Money Heist has taken everyone by storm for its great cast and intriguing storyline, everyone eagerly waited for the fourth season recently. However, the show which is loved by massive audience, Mahabharat star Shaheer Sheikh refuses to watch the show. During the recent interview Shaheer was asked about whether or not he is following Money Heist, to which re revealed, “I don’t really prefer watching dubbed shows. Though, I have heard a lot about the show but with me I don’t like the idea about lip-sync is not matching with the dialogue and it distracts you. To me the emotion of the voice is very important and when it gets dubbed it’s not the same. However, there are many dubbed projects done so well but it is my point of view.”

30th April 2020 | 04:01 PM (IST)