Find Out Why People Are Scared Of Pooja Bannerjee

Ekta Kapoor’s Kasauti Zindagi Kay which returned with a second season last year has been loved by the audience for its fresh and new look. However, viewers often take characters so seriously that they think the actor is same in real life. Just like that actor Pooja Bannerjee who plays Nivedita Basu in the show reveals how people have started getting scared of her in real life. Talking to a news portal, she said, "People feel surprised that I am playing Nivedita Basu. They come and ask me, 'aap sach mein wahin hai jo Nivedita Basu bani hai?' Because I just can't get angry in real life and on-screen they see me in such an avatar. Post the show, people have started getting scared of me, thinking that Pooja na abhi daant degi. People are taking my character so seriously. Me in real life and me in reel are poles apart.” However, for playing Nivedita’s role Pooja didn’t take many lessons from the original character as she has not seen the original as it was not allowed due to her studies. But it seems Pooja is nailing the particular in her own way and audience are also liking her so much.

18th April 2020 | 07:03 PM (IST)