Fans Spot Yet Another Goof Up In Mahabharat

Coronavirus lockdown has brought back BR Chopra’s Mahabharat and it’s being loved by everyone. The show garnered record-breaking TRPs, which made Mahabharat the most-watched show. However, in a recent episode, some fans alleged that they spotted a cooler behind Bhishma Pitamah, however, later some fans dived into the situation and cleared it’s not cooler, it’s just a fancy looking pillar. But now some ardent fans of the show spotted a hilarious goof up as one of the soldiers is seen making body movements and coming back to life, but he quickly realizes that scene is still going on and again starts acting like a dead person. The video was first posted on video sharing app Tik Tok but later it went viral like a wild fire and now fans can't just unsee the unbelievable mistake.

11th May 2020 | 02:14 PM (IST)