Dipika Chikhlia Thinks Ramayan Cast Should Be Honoured With Padma Award

Ramyan’s re run has been a massive hit among masses even though it was first aired 30 years ago. The show created history by becoming number 1 show on Indian television and gaining record breaking trp rates. Even the lead actors Arun Govil, Sunil Lahri and Dipika Chikhlia has been getting lots of love and appreciation from their fans, however, during a recent interview Dipika expressed her disappointment in terms of the remuneration that she received for Ramayan. In the interview, the actor has one request from PM Modi, she said, , “Now, the way Modi government has once again brought Ramayana serial to the world, the world has also given love. Now if Modi Ji feels that Ramayan's team has done some work in culture and literature, then they should think about honouring us with Padma awards. This contribution of ours received neither any respect nor royalty. This is not correct. I am saying this today because people are listening to us today. We should get a good royalty.” Dipika is also not happy about one thing and that is her Ramayan fees, the actor is so ashamed about it that she has never spoken about it in public nor she has told it to her husband. Well, it’s sad that even after getting loved and appreciated by everyone Actor like her has never received an award. Recently Arun Govil too came out and shared his disappointment for not receiving any award. Hope PM Modi listens to their requests and the receive their proper due.

8th May 2020 | 02:09 PM (IST)