Dipika Chikhlia Reveals How She Met Her Real Life Ram, Hemant Topiawala

Ramayan fame Deepika Chikhalia has been constantly on news eversince her show started re telecasting during coronavirus lockdown. She has been sharing a lot of unseen behind the scenes pictures from Ramayan and story behind. Recently Dipika shared a picture from her wedding day and asked everyone if they wish to know how she met her husband Hemant Topiwala. The post received a lot of positive response and the next day she shared the interesting story behind how she met her husband. Talking about their first meeting, Dipika revealed that they first saw each other on the sets of her film Sun Meri Laila. Her husband Hemant's family owned a Indian cosmetics company named Shingar since 1961 and in the film she had to model for the ad which was Shingar itself. Hemant had come on the sets to see the particular shoot and that's when they first met each other. Dipika further revealed that after their first met they both got busy in their life but co incidently when they met near Dipika's house, Hemant confessed that he was thinking about her all these years. Soon they again met through a common family friend in which they decided to make their relationship official by informing each other family. The couple got engaged the next day which also happened to be her birthday and they finally got married later that year. Wow that's some adorable love story; it almost feels like a movie plot. The actor also shared the Shingar video which she was part of along with a bunch of their wedding picture.

2nd June 2020 | 06:21 PM (IST)