Daljiet And Devoleena Are Worried Seeing Long Queues Liquor Shops

It's been more than a month we all have under lockdown due to global coronavirus pandemic. While some are trying to be productive others are just impatient. From the start of lockdown, people had just one request from the government that is the sale of liquor, however, when it was finally open people broke breaking social distancing rule which led to chaos. Talking about the long queues, Devoleena said, "No, the liquor shops should not have opened. This is the least one could've expected to happen. It is really sad when I see the queues all over the country, it seems as if there will be no tomorrow." Even Daljiet had the same thought, she said, "Now with liquor coming home, the violence and abuse might snowball. Like one of the maids was saying the other day 'their husband is not worried whether dal chawal ke liye paise hain ya nahin, lekin daaru ke hone chahiye'. And look at the crowds outside liquor shops, today. It was maddening. And you know what? Jisko peena hota hai, woh kahin se bhi peekar aajata hai- be it at small or cheap places selling it discreetly. So, I would say that the opening of liquor shops has backfired, today," From Monday morning netizens started trending #LiquorShop on Twitter. The queues were seen as early as 7.30 am in many parts of the country while some even offered special prayers with flowers, coconuts, incense sticks in front of the stores.

6th May 2020 | 03:08 PM (IST)