Chahatt Khanna Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression

Bade Ache Lagte Hain fame Chahatt Khanna was recently in news due to her link-up with Mika Singh, but later she revealed that it’s just for their upcoming music video. A few days back Chahatt deleted her Instagram account leaving everyone in shock. But now talking a news portal, the actor revealed the reason behind leaving social media. Chahatt also opened up about going through depression and claims she doesn’t have time for social media, he said, “I am busy like a 'donkey' for my new tender and this is going to be for another 10-12 days. Firstly, I won't be able to use social media and I also don't have time for this. Secondly, it had become too much for me. Social media is a platform where you can put forth your opinion and people did not have a great opinion about me. So, I thought that 'Bahut zyada ho raha hai.' I just wanted to stay out of the whole fake world and do something real in my life. So, I thought, let's take a break from people, social media, and everything which glitters. I'm in constant touch with my counselor via video call.” Before deactivating her Instagram, Chahatt was trolled for being a single mother, however, she later gave a befitting reply to the trolls. She also cleared that it was due to some work-related matter for which she was taking a break from social media. She added that her team would be posting pictures and not her.

13th May 2020 | 03:53 PM (IST)