Ajaz Khan's Advice To Government For People Affected By TikTok's Ban

Amid coronavirus lockdown, everyone has been forced to work from home. However, for some people, working from home is turning out like torture while others are happy working from their comfort zone. Amid the global pandemic, the tensions are rising among India China in the Galwan Valley, as Chinese Army tries to invade India’s borderland. However, in return Indian Government banned 59 Chinese Apps including the most popular TikTok, which had a massive fan following in the country. Many celebs felt sorry for the TikTok stars as the video sharing app was the only income source for them. Now that TikTok is banned many have become unemployed, however, Ajaz Khan who was also an avid user of TikTok gives an brilliant idea to government on how to keep everyone employed.

4th July 2020 | 11:15 AM (IST)