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It’s Celebration Time For Vashma And Uday With A Mehendi Ceremony In Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Celebrations are in que for Sony Entertainment Television’s much loved fiction shows Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye. From an entangled journey to a fulfilled wish, Vashma (Aanchal Sahu) and Uday (Shagun Pandey) have gone forth in facing some hard times together. But as it is said, if you wish to achieve something and deeply care for it, there is nothing in the world that can stop it from manifesting. Viewers will soon see Vashma and Uday finally get together and celebrate their marital union.

The current track is fused with a lot of drama and, ardent viewers of the show know that Uday and Vashma have fallen in love with each other. Post partition, both of them was torn apart and to add on to the woes, Vashma lost her son Kabir while entering India and some person sold Vashma to a kotha. Eventually when Uday and Vashma unite, Uday gets baffled learning Vashma’s truth and decides to stay away from her. It takes him sometime to realize her situation and when he does, he forgives her and both decide to get married.

Surrounded with happiness, the couple is all set for their Mehendi ceremony where all the family members come together and make the celebration a memorable one.

Talking about the sequence Aanchal Sahu aka Vashma shares, “Both Uday and Vashma have been through a lot and this union was not an easy one. After a lot of hurdles and conflict, the couple is finally together and in love! With Randheer’s help, we hid from many people who were in search for us but finally, the day has arrived and the entire family is looking forward to celebrate the Mehendi ceremony. It was very exciting shooting for this sequence and I hope viewers enjoy the episode and much as we enjoyed shooting it.”

In the upcoming track, viewers will witness how Uday succeeds in helping Vashma run away from the brothel, but the handler finds out that Vashma is missing and goes in search of her. Uday and Vashma have no other option but to seek help from Randheer who offers them to stay in his palace quarter. It would be interesting to see what is in store for Uday and Vashma.

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