Varun Badola Talks About His Journey As Amber Sharma In Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan has been a super hit among the viewers since its inception. The distinct storyline of the show and the amazing father-daughter duo of Amber (Varun Badola) and Niya (Anjali Tatrari) have caught the viewers’ attention and is widely loved for the cute on-screen relationship where Niya is on a mission to find a suitable bride for her dad.

As the story unfolded, Amber has turned from a grumpy single dad to a very soft-hearted person in love as he got a second chance in love. He has become an inspiration to middle-aged people that they can find love at any age and be happy. Talking about his journey as Amber, Varun shared, “Everyone needs a partner in life, and you cannot share everything with your children. These days it is no longer a taboo to find love even at a later stage in life. In fact, these days children play cupid to their single parents and find a perfect partner for them, who can be a support for each other for the rest of their lives. And our show, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan highlights the same progressive thought.”

Adding further to this, the actor said, “In the show, my character Amber has found love in Guneet. Getting to play such a character is heart-warming. And the best part is, it is no different when it comes to emotions and romance. Love is love, regardless of age. Just like Niya who is on a mission to find her Dad Ki Dulhan, children can be the matchmakers just as much as parents for their divorced/widowed parents. And the character of Niya, in the show, is a fine example of that. She is understanding, considerate, supportive, and thoughtful towards her father Amber, as she wants to see him happy and settled in life.”