Vahbiz Comes Out In Support Of Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Nishant

Bahu Humari Rajni Kant (Life OK 2016) fame TV actress Vahbiz Dorabjee comes out in support of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nishant Singh Malkani

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega (Zee TV), fame TV actor Nishant Singh Malkani is surely winning the hearts of the audiences, his fans and friends as well with his honest and really powerful persona as an individual which is making his ever growing fan base grow more with each day. Where many trolls and actors are targeting him for being fake and unreal, one of his good and closest friend Vahbiz comes out in support of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nishant.

Before Vahbiz, his Guddan serial co star and best friend Kanika Mann had also supported and defended Nishant’s behaviour in the Bigg Boss house by saying that he is not fake and now surely, many TV actor friends of his are coming forward to support him and this list also includes his close and good friend Vahbiz who has come out in support of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nishant.

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Lately, among other TV celebrities outside the house even TV actress Vahbiz Dorabjee has been rooting for her close friend Nishant along with giving him unconditional love and support for his amazing game and honest personality. She also said that Nishant is not a person who like fighting with others and is also only showcasing his real side in Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan.

During a recent interview, when she was asked about the same, she said, “I feel Nishant is being himself. Just because he is not fighting 24/7, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t opened up. Everyone’s personality is different. His decency is being mistaken as fakeness. Unfortunately, this game demands aggressive people. But I still feel his game had improved a lot and he’s has opened up from before. He has started taking a stand”.

Infact, Nishant was one of the first captains of the house but his captaincy was literally snatched away by the Bigg Boss for he was getting accused of not being a good captain during his stint and tenure.

On the same, she also said, “I think it was too early to snatch away Nishant’s captaincy. He should have been given some time to prove himself. It was unfair. It takes time for every person to take charge. Rome was not built in a day”.

Nishant has been facing a lot of ire for supporting Jaan Kumar Sanu in the bigg boss house however he is not paying heed to these rumours. When asked about this, Vahbiz said, “Nishant cares for Jaan and that’s why he protects him and watches out for him. But no one is a kid. Everyone knows what they are doing. I think now Nishant should stop mothering Jaan until Jaan learns his own lessons. And also, till he learns to value Nishant, after a while you should let a person go”.