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Urfi Javed Walks Barefoot After Her Goa Party, Fans Say Why Is She Always At Airport

Actress Urfi Javed was spotted walking barefoot as she arrived at Mumbai airport after her Goa party.

Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed is known for grabbing headlines every now and then with her unique yet bold style. With her peculiar dresses, from candy floss to plastic, the actress has left nothing to explore and has now reached 3 Million followers on Instagram.

To celebrate the 3 million milestones the actress went to Goa with her friends to celebrate the good news. From her party, the actress uploaded a video on her Instagram captioning as “First of all I just want to thank you guys for 3 million ! Means a lot ! Thanku to each and everyone who follows me and also those who don’t cause I know you still stalking 😉
Thanku ..for this Night!! I rarely post any personal videos but I guess I’m still hungover lol! Will blame this one too on alcohol !”

In this video, the actress can be seen partying with her friends. This video of the actress having a party with friends is going viral. Actually, Urfi Javed has been chilling out in Goa with her friends for the past few days although she is back now. Urfi Javed has three million followers on Instagram. To celebrate, the actress held a special party for her friends. In the video, you can see Urfi’s friends lifting her up and during this time the actress is very happy and is seen having fun with shock. The video clearly shows Urfi saying three million. After this, all his friends also start shouting ‘Urfi Javed Three Million’.

Later a video went viral as Urfi was seen walking at the airport without shoes. On being asked she said that I am very exhausted, I never wear shades but today I did. She also spoke to the paparazzi who has shared her video on his Instagram handle. Ever since the video went viral, the netizens have been seen trolling the actress and asking why is she always at the airport.

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