Urfi Javed Slams Rahul Vaidya For ‘Sexualizing’ Nyrraa Banerji, Calls Him ‘Hypocrite’

Urfi Javed takes a dig at Rahul Vaidya and calls him 'sexist hypocrite' as he releases his new song today.

Rahul Vaidya’s new song with Nyrraa Banerji has been released today. Titled ‘Naughty Balam’, the music video features Nyrraa in a hot avatar while Rahul is romancing her. Although the theme of the music video appeals to the young audience, Urfi Javed has slammed Rahul Vaidya.

She took to her Instagram story and wrote, “Sexualizing a women’s body for your benefit but when she chooses to sexualize it herself and wear and post whatever she wants, it bothers people. #hypocrisy.”

Source: Urfi Javed Instagram

In another Instagram story, she wrote, “I used to love Rahul Vaidya so much as a singer but dayumm! You lost all respect! You’re a sexist hypocrite!”

Source: Urfi Javed Instagram

Urfi Javed’s anger-filled statements come after Rahul vaidya wrote on Twitter, “I saw a photo today on Instagram. My wife sent it to me. And mark my words “In the coming years people will start posting nudes in the name of fashion or trend”! Save this tweet for evidence. God bless us”.

While Rahul didn’t mention anyone’s name, netizens were quick to guess that he is talking about Urfi Javed, who regularly makes headlines for her bold fashion choices.

While Urfi kept silent on this for a few days, she finally reacted a few days ago. She said, “I’ve been thinking a lot to speak about this even if this is not directed at me. This is wrong! The statement is so so wrong! We all do things, which according to others might not be ethical then why judge others? Also, I was just stumped reading ‘my wife sent me a nude photo of a girl’ wooohoo! #relationshipgoals”

Source: Urfi Javed Instagram

Talking about Rahul Vaidya’s new song ‘Naughty Balam’, the song features himself with Nyrrraa Banerji. It is sung by Rahul and Nikhita Gandhi. The song is now available on Rahul Vaidya’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Urfi Javed recently celebrated the milestone of 3 million followers on Instagram.

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