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Urfi Javed Slams Jaya Bachchan For Being “Rude” With Paps

Urfi Javed hits back at Jaya Bachchan for being rude to the paparazzi's says "Please let’s not be like her".

Bigg Boss Ott contestant and internet sensation Urfi Javed was recently seen slamming Bollywood veteran actress Jaya Bachchan after the latter got angry at the paparazzi during which she told the paparazzi that she “hopes he falls”. Calling out Jaya Bachchan for her rude behavior Urfi asked her fans not to be like the actress, here’s all that she said-

Urfi Javed Slams Jaya Bachchan

Recently Bollywood actress and politician Jaya Bachchan was spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week event with her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda. During this, the actress got extremely upset with the paparazzi as she asked him about his organization. Later the paparazzi almost tumbled, to this Jaya said “Serves you right… I hope you double and fall.”

The comment didn’t go down with the internet sensation Urfi Javed who has now criticized the actress for being rude. Taking to her Instagram stories Urfi reshared the video and wrote, “Did she just say ‘I hope you double and fall’. Please let’s not be like her, let’s hope all of us only rise. Be it the one behind the camera or in front. People won’t respect you because you’re elder to them or more powerful, they’ll respect you if you’re nice to them.”

In a follow-up story she wrote, “Trust me sometimes I hate it too that I’m so opinionated, I wanna control but dayum this mouth. I know I’m ruining my work opportunities by speaking up but yaar chup nahi raha jata. I feel when you’re quiet on matters that don’t bother you, it shows how entitled you are. Apne ghar paani bijli aati hai, toh jinke ghar nahi aati unke liye hum kyun bole. Yeh wo waali baat lagti hai mujhe! I know all human beings can never be at an equal level but at least we all can get equal opportunities to grow – for that we all need to raise our voices,”

While apart from Urfi many netizens were also seen slamming Jaya Bachchan for her reaction, a user wrote, “She isn’t asking innocent question, she is indeed insulting you guys. Admit it. That’s how rude she is.” another wrote, “Why do you guys even cover her? She is always so rude! Just don’t give her importance.” 

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