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Urfi Javed Reveals If She Wants To Re-Enter Bigg Boss OTT As A Wildcard

Urfi Javed became the first contestant to be evicted from Karan Johar’s Bigg Boss OTT. The actress expresses her desire to re-enter the house as a wildcard but says she doesn’t want her co-contestants wanting that because she will kill everyone.

Urfi says, “I am very upset that I have become the first evicted contestant. I don’t think I deserved it. I really don’t know why. People at home and outside everyone is asking how did this happen? Everyone is shocked and I am also shocked. I don’t know.”

Talking about coming back as a wildcard contestant, she says, “If I come then everyone’s going to die. I wish of course. But I hope that the other contestants wish that I don’t come back. I will kill everyone.”

In her week-long stay, Urfi managed to grab eyeballs with her style statement. She even made a dress out of garbage bags for a task.

“I made a dress out of garbage bags because there was nothing else there and of course it was intentional. Why wouldn’t I want the camera’s spotlight on me?”

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