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Urfi Javed Brutally Trolled For Her Topless N*de Look

Internet sensation Urfi Javed recently went topless for her new Instagram video, reacting to her video a segment of netizens has slammed Urfi.

Internet sensation Urfi Javed is known for her over-the-top bold looks and sartorial dressing sense. Time and again Urfi has been slammed by netizens, celebrities, and even her fans for going overboard with her dressing sense and looks.

From covering her modesty with cotton candy, safety pinks, and razors there’s almost everything Urfi had tried with her look. You name it and she has got it. While recently Urfi shared a video on her Instagram in which she went for an absolute no-top look with two wine glasses covering her modesty.

And without any surprise, Urfi received extreme backlash as she got brutally trolled over not wearing anything. Bashing Urfi for going overboard with her look, a user commented, “Unfollow karo yar…. iske pagalpan bhadte hi ja rha hai”, “Ap khud apne b**bs ke peeche pad gae ho dusra koi kya apko troll krega .”, another user commented, “I really don’t understand this concept.”

However, this is not the first time that Urfi has been a target of trolls on social media. Time and again Urfi has been advised and slammed by celebs from the industry over her dressing sense. Apart from celebrities a segment of netizens also slammed her for her bad dressing sense. But Urfi never bothered to change her style for anyone’s perspective. For good or bad, Urfi has now become renowned within the industry.

Recently an FIR was registered against Urfi for “publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form.” Reacting to this Urfi said, “It is so fu****g ironic, yeh log mujhe bolte hai that I want publicity, and these are the same people who are using my name to get publicity and attention,”

She further added, “Kisi rapists ke upar itne FIR nahi ho rahe… jitna mujhe par ho rahe hai. How fu*****g ironic. People are bothered by what I wear, and they complain about it. This is not Afghanistan or the Taliban. Do you want to live like that? Do you want to control what women should wear? Please, f**k off,”.

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