Uorfi Javed Wears Top Made Of “Chewing Gum”, Netizens Feels “Disgusted”

Internet sensation, Uorfi Javed again left the netizens in shock after she shared her new look on social media wearing a top made out of "Chewing gum".

Internet sensation Uorfi Javed again left her fans and netizens in shock after she managed wear a top made out of “chewing gum”. Reacting to her latest post a segment of netizens shared their reactions, while many felt disgusted others asked to put a ban on her.

On Monday, internet sensation Uorfi took to her Instagram to share her latest creation. In the shared post, Uorfi was seen wearing a pair of denim and a pink top which was made out of “chewing gum”. Sharing the post, Uorfi wrote, “The bubblegum top Made from chewing gum”

Reacting to her post a user appreciated Uorfi for her creativity and wrote, “How creative she is,I mean she can do anything”. Another commented, “You’re too much of a genius”.

However, a segment of netizens seemed to have different views about her “creativity”. A user commented, “Try Cow ka Gober……Sugndh ke sath Sehat bhi Ban jayegi Urfi.”, “Isko remove kaise kiya hoga…” another commented, “Chiiiii yrrr ban kroo issee”.

However, this is not the first time that Uorfi had managed to leave the netizens in shock with her creativity. Time and again Uorfi had experimented with her looks. A few days back Uorfi shared her look wearing only wigs and covering herself with hair. Take a look-

On the other hand, Uorfi has often been questioned about her dressing sense. Time and again the internet sensation has been slammed and trolled by the netizens for her sartorial choices. However, Uorfi decided to pay no heed to the trollers as she continues to share her unique and bizarre looks on her Instagram with fan following that reaches to 4.1 million.

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