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Uorfi Javed’s Sassy Reply To Chitra Wagh In A Meme Style!!

Uorfi tweeted a sarcastic tweet makes fans go crazy.

Uorfi Javed is always the name of the town. This is probably the third time since the start of the new year that she’s back in people’s eyes this time with a different focus. Her bold and outspoken nature prevents trollers and people from making explicit comments about her. Her feud with politician Chita Wagh has taken a sarcastic but funny turn.

The looming controversy between BJP leader Chitra Wagh and Uorfi Javed was backed by Shiv Sena, the vice-chairman, who supported the politician targeted to see the A-list Bollywood actress and other showbiz performers for the so-called skin show, as she said in the case of Uorfi. It gave her some strength, which is why she posted a funny tweet today.

As we know, Chitra Wagh had given an ultimatum (if we say so) that if Uorfi didn’t stop, she would do it Wherever she went, she was beaten, which was evident from the obscenity of his clothing. Shiv Sena Vice Chairwoman Sushma Andhare has clarified her position on the Uorfi Javed case.

Amid the controversy, social media sensation Uorfi took over her Twitter management and her recent tweet is going viral on social media and, we just can’t keep calm.

People freak out over her witty and sarcastic response. Fans are crazy about her tweet. Here comes another controversy… Stay tuned! What do you have to say about that?

The influencer also posted a story about legendary composer and music director Javed Akhtar, calling him her grandfather. She wrote: Today I finally meet my grandfather!!

He’s a legend… First thing in the morning there were a lot of people lining up to take selfies but he didn’t turn anyone away… he talked to everyone with a smile… he’s warm and I’m in awe … Also, people have been expecting that rapper Honey Singh and fashion icon Uorfi will soon be embarking on a musical collaboration, and fans are excited about this official announcement.

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