Uorfi Javed At Cafe Arpan Owned By Specially Challenged People!!

Uorfi Javed motivates specially challenged people for their work and hands out a helping hand for their livelihood.

Uorfi Javed nowadays is giving a lot of buzz to the media whether it’s her duel with politicians, TV stars, or Bollywood celebs. On one hand, she is the scoop for media and on the other she is a beautiful soul helping people and taking blessings of the needy and was spotted at a restaurant operated by specially challenged people- Cafe Arpan.

The actress grabs all the attention of netizens with her DIY style, and her way of carrying unique fashion catches the eyes of many celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood.

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After being in the news for donating a hefty amount to a Gurdwara, she got very much fond of the food served to all on daily basis, and that is the reason she is donating a good amount of money to this Gurdwara for the people who are in need and she does this because she loves the food-serving initiatives the gurdwara does daily, this thought process of the Gurdwara is saluted by Uorfi and she is donating money here from a year now.

Cafe Arpan

Today as Uorfi got spotted and was looking gorgeous in double jeans outfit at a special restaurant in Juhu, where she kept special lunch for all the paparazzi at ‘Cafe Arpan’ which is managed and run by specially-abled all the paps from digital to mainstream media houses showed up their presence and encouraged the employees of the restaurants.

Meanwhile, Uorfi is flashing the headlines as Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has dubbed her ‘Mahadevi Akka’ because of her outfit suits and fearless statements. Ranaut also called Uorfi “pure” and “divine”. She added: “Mahadevi Akka is a shining star. In Kannada literature, she is the greatest. She lived in the forest and never wore clothes. Don’t let anyone embarrass you about your body, you are pure and divine my love.

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