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Uorfi Is Javed Akhtar’s Grand Daughter?

Uorfi Javed clicks a selfie with Javed Akhtar and calls him her grandfather.

Uorfi Javed has been in the headlines on regular basis. Sometimes it is her dressing sense and sometimes her bold and outspoken nature that shuts trollers and people making explicit comments about her. She is often seen having fights with celebrities and also lately with politicians.

Today the influencer posted a story about the legendary music composer and director Javed Akhtar calling him her grandpa. She wrote in the photo, “Finally I meet my grandfather today!! He is a legend… Right in the morning so many people lined up in the morning for selfies but he didn’t refuse anyone… chatted with everyone with a smile… he is warm and I’m in awe…” Uorfi posted a lot of her photoshoots with amazing photos showing off her curves with bold brown lips.

Urfi Javed jokingly referred to Javed Akhtar as her ‘Grandfather’

Apart from this, Uorfi Javed has always shared hot and juicy details with the paparazzi about his adventures or ex-talks, but people have been expecting the rapper Honey Singh and fashion icon Uorfi to start a musical collaboration soon, and the fans are looking forward to this official. Announcement. Lately, politician Sushma Andhare criticized Chitra Wagh for asking questions about the BJP leader in a Facebook post who has been targeting Uorfi and attacking Chitra Wagh’s double standard and said that -“I wear a saree. I like to wear a saree.

She continues, “Because I find myself more comfortable and confident in that. Even after going out of India, I wear a sari or sometimes a salwar suit. But I don’t think that others should dress like me. Because people wear clothes according to their comfort. Or everyone has their own professional needs. For example, a woman playing tennis will not be able to play tennis wearing a saree. And if I am a teacher, I should dress appropriately for my teaching profession…”

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