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TV Stars Recall About Horrific 26/11 Attacks As It Clocks 12 Years

On the 12 years of 26/11 terrorist attacks today in which many police officers lost their lives as martyrs, TV stars recall about horrific 26/11 attacks as it clocks 12 years.

26/11, this date has many painful and horrific memories attached to it as exactly 12 years back, the Pakistani terrorists came in Mumbai and bombed many places where many police officers and common citizens lost their lives due to the deadly 26/11 terrorist attacks. On this day today, TV stars recall about horrific 26/11 attacks as it clocks 12 years.

Today, as the painful and bloodshed massacre invoking 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks completes 12 years, during a recent interview, TV stars recall about horrific 26/11 attacks as it clocks 12 years.

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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan (Sony TV, 2015 – 17) fame TV actor Arun Mandola said, “Really, I have no words for those who died in the 26/11 attack. That night was a horrible night. I remember that night clearly. I was at my theatre workshop and it was shocking for the whole nation, including me. It was so painful to see people being brutally killed by terrorists. I pray for strengths to their families and for their souls to rest in peace”.

Bollywood film actor Saanand Verma said, “In every era, there is Ram and Ravan, there are good and bad people, there are human beings and devils. In this era, the devils are the terrorists. I feel that the entire world needs to unite and have this mission to save humanity and finish terrorism from its roots. When this happens, Kalyug will finish and Satyug will come. All I want to say is that whoever has lost their lives on 26/11 and whoever was affected the most, the innocent who died, I want to honour them. Whenever I think of that day, I have tears in my eyes. A lot of innocent people died”.

Brahmarakshas 2 (Zee TV, 2020) fame iconic and ace TV star Nikkhil Arya told, “26/11 is a bad memory for me. I try not to remember it but if you ask any Mumbaite, it seems like yesterday, not 10-12 years back.  Any Mumbaite’s blood should boil. We haven’t got justice. We haven’t got a single perpetrator. I get very insecure and worried when I think about that day. I feel that our borders and country are so porous. If 5-6 lunatics can come and do what they feel like. The US, they picked up Bin Laden, why can’t our country go and pick up the guys who are responsible for the whole act. We have stretched this like chewing gum. Some people have taken a political advantage, some have taken other kinds of advantage of it. But this topic has been milked for a long time. These statements are done and mundane and monotonous. We have been saying we salute the martyrs and the ones who lost their lives and god give strength to their families and stuff like that. But, very frankly, without offending anyone, I am sick of all this. I don’t understand how such a huge superpower can take this so dastardly. Anyway, this is from my heart, one more year, I have to say I salute the martyrs, I am sorry we still could not bring you justice. My salute to all the paramilitary forces who took things in their control. My condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones. I know many people who did and they still haven’t been able to get over it. It’s high time, forget flexing our muscles, we have just been talking”.

TV actor Kettan Singh says, “Looking back at 26/11, we should remember not just the horror but the heroes. The heroes of 26/11 died in action like Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Inspector Vijay Salaskar, ASI Ombale, Assistant Police Inspector Shashank Shinde and Constable Ambadas Ramchandra Pawar, and the NSG (National Security Guard) commandos like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Havildar Gajender Singh Bisht, who were flown in from Manesar in Haryana to Mumbai to neutralize the terrorists in the Taj and elsewhere. To me, heroes are immortal. They keep inspiring generations. But never forget this incident and never forgive the terrorists. Heartfelt Salute to heroes who laid down their life to protect us. The nation shall forever remain grateful for their sacrifices”.

Naagin 5 (Colors TV, 2020) fame ace TV superstar Sharad Malhotra says, “Some bravehearts live forever. Never ever forget their sacrifice. I read somewhere that one of them said, ‘Don’t come up, I’ll handle them. These were the last words of Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan. He was 31 when he gave up his life in the line of duty. Some brave-hearts live forever. Never ever forget their sacrifice”.

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