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TV Stars Feel Relieved That Gyms Have Reopened In Mumbai

Finally now that our government has given the go ahead and permission for gyms and fitness centres to reopen in Mumbai, TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

While finally after the complete 8 months of total lockdown in India during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic in India, now when things are seen turning back to normal, the government has allowed for the gyms and fitness centres to be reopened in Mumbai but with only 50 percent working staff and customers where the coronavirus safety precautions have to be followed strictly and while this is a welcoming thing, during a recent interview, TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

While this is a time to take utmost care of ourselves but also a happy news that finally the gyms and fitness centres have been given the green signal to open again by our government and on the same during a recent interview, when the ITV actors were asked about the same, TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

Fitness and being healthy is a very important and integral part of our day to day lives and who better than the TV actors here to spread awareness for the same where now finally, all the Indian TV stars feel relieved that have reopened in Mumbai.

The youth, teenagers and our current generation along with the TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

Even though it is a good news that our economy is slowly coming back to normal after so many months of halt and indefinite lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic, but certainly the TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

Most amazing news for our Indian TV fraternity today that has so many actors who have to stay fit and in shape all the time due to their challenging profession of being actors on Indian Television, TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

It is indeed an amazing news for sure that gyms are set to start again in our city which has brought in a wave of joy for the actors where TV stars feel relieved that gyms have reopened in Mumbai.

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Udaan (Colors TV) fame ace TV star Vijayendra Kumeria said, “I am quite comfortable with the idea of working out at home. I have started enjoying body weight exercises which build muscle endurance and strength. With gyms being functional, I am still a little skeptical and have my doubts if it will be hygienic to use the space and equipment that a lot of people will be using. I will like to wait and watch before I step in a gym”.

TV actress Shamin Mannan said, “I am usually not a gym person, but I am happy that gyms and fitness centres are opening. This means that I can resume my yoga classes which have been closed for many months. Other than yoga, I usually run outdoors and do some functional training at home. But I think it’s very important for the gyms and fitness centres to maintain strict hygiene and social distancing as the equipment there is shared by everyone”.

Ishq Aaj Kal (Zee 5, 2019), fame stellar TV actor Angad Hasija says, “Gyms are very important for actors and for everyone because if we will be fit than our immunity will be strong. So people can start going to the gym but with proper precautions. The gyms that are opening will be maintaining social distancing. They are not allowing too many people at a same time. Whenever I workout, I sanitize all the gym equipment’s like weights”.

TV actress Subuhii Joshi said, “Not only for actors, I think it is breather for a lot of people who are into fitness. I am definitely going to go the gym. I have been waiting for it since a very long time. I have lost so many kgs during the lockdown but now I am a little frustrated and tired of working out at home. So I am really looking forward for the gyms to open. Yes, I am a little concerned that people will use the same machine and everything. But the gym I go to, that has more of functional training and they make you workout using your own body weight. They don’t take more than 10 people in a class and everyone will maintain social distancing. So it’s going to be fine. If corona is still going on, we have to learn to live with it. So I am really looking forward to it”.

Lockdown Ki Love Story (Star Plus, 2020) fame iconic TV actor Aniruddh Dave said, “People have made good bodies during the lockdown by working out at home. I think we should wait for some more time before going to the gym.  It may increase the risk of contracting the virus. I am worried and am spending my time in home gym”.

TV star Delnaaz Irani says, “I don’t go to a gym anyway. My routine involves is daily walks in the parks”.

Exemplary TV actor Vikas Sethi said, “I am really looking forward to the gyms opening. While I have been skipping and been on a healthy diet, gyms opening will be a great relief.  This will bring in a much needed routine in such difficult times”.

Fitness influencer and indian TV actor Rohit Choudhary said, “This is good news for all the fitness freaks as me. But as I am delhi, gyms have been open here since a while. I would like to advice gym owners to keep a proper slot system and the members should carry a towel and a mask. As a actor, it is a relief but everyone should be very careful. Gym owners and members should maintain proper social distancing and take all the precautions. 100 percent I will go for workout in the gym”.

TV actress Aneesha Madhok said, “I have an hourglass body and I can do cart wheels with full split. I never go to the gym. Even before Coronavirus, I never went to gyms because I think that we need to experience life fully in nature and exercise in the open. Instead of relying on gym equipment, we should rely on our body weight. As an actor, I feel going to the gym is a waste of time. We are athletes of the heart and building muscle is not our job. Instead we should dance and play sports. I play tennis, golf, soccer, I swim, I do ballet and belly dancing”.

Jhanvi Sethi, who is the founder of the My Zindagi foundation said, “As a founder of the MyZindagi Foundation, I am really looking to gyms opening. A healthy mind is also a reflection of healthy body. Yes there will be an initial apprehension about the machines but  it’s a welcome change to get back in form”.

Ace and celebrated bollywood choreographer Rajit Dev best known for Pachtaoge female version choreography with Nora Fatehi and Tehas Nehas from Khaali Peeli, told, “I think it was very important to still take care of ourselves and protect ourselves from the virus. As this is going to be the new normal and things are going to stay this way. It’s good news that the gyms are going  be open . Not only for actors, there was a lot of common people who used to hit the gym just to stay fit. Fitness makes a person not only fit but it gives one lot more confidence and energy in everyday life . I know the sweat part is going to be very crucial. The gym administrators should take proper care with good sanitisation and even the number of people should be kept minimal. I think more than the gym guys,  we should be more careful and take things seriously like wiping with sanitizers after using each machine”.

TV actor Kunal Thakkur said, “I dont feel it’s so important to go the gym in these times. Safety is the priority and I feel we should wait a little more. There are many other ways of exercising like running, yoga, functional training so why take a chance”.

TV actress Dhruvee Haldankar says, “I have a home gym and I usually set out for a run or walk. It’s good that the gyms are starting because the fitness industry can stand back on feet and is a sign of relief for them”.

Stellar ace TV actress Rishina Kandhari said, “It definitely is a good thing for actors who are fitness enthusiasts, but centers should only open on 30 percent occupancy at a time instead of to be open for all . So that they get time to sanitise the machines n the place for precautionary reasons . I personally will not go the such closed public places with air conditioners for a lil while… Working out with a mask on is lil difficult for me”.

TV actor Bhavesh Kumar says, “Well, I didn’t miss my workout even during the lockdown. I was working out at my home. But it’s good that gyms are opening for all those people who couldn’t work out”.

Shubharambh (Colors TV, 2019 – 2020) fame hunk TV actor Akshit Sukhija quipped, “Reopening the gym is a breather for every actor, especially me, because I am very lazy when it comes to working out, especially going to gym. But in February end, I told myself that I have to go and workout because I haven’t worked out since the past 2 years. As I started going to the gym, the lockdown happened in March. I was working out at home but it was not great and I was literally praying that the gym should reopen so I could get back into shape. I am going to the gym on the 25th only”.

Veteran and stalwart TV actress Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle says, “I am so happy that gyms are reopening. But it is important that people make sure to take precautions so that there is less risk. It will be scary  in the beginning but as people see that all precautions are in place, they will realise that it’s okay to go to the gym”.

TV actress Khushbhoo Kamal says, “The gyms are going to open and this is a big relief. I was working out at home and sometimes it got quite boring to workout at same place. The kind of atmosphere you get at the gym, that you don’t get at home. I am looking forward to starting my workout at the gym and would love to experience the new normal. I will see the safety measures taken by the gym owners and after that I will decide that I will continue or not. It is very difficult to trust other people at the gym. I can just hope that the gym owners take proper precautions”.

India Wali Maa (Sony TV, 2020) fame exemplary TV ace actress Sucheeta Trivedi said, “We can’t escape this virus for long. We will go to work, we will travel in the city for various reasons, we  will fly, go shopping. Life has to come back to normal. The challenge is the volume of people we have in India specially. The time has come to mend our ways and to have discipline and decency just like the Japanese. It’s all about patience and not skipping the queue. Wait for your turn”.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Star Plus) fame TV actress Rajshri Rani said, “It is a good things that gyms are reopening as it will be a good change for people. However, we all have to be very careful. It is important to carry our own sanitisers and masks so that we can be very sure”.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2017) fame TV actress Pranitaa Pandit said, “It is actually a good thing and bad thing that they are reopening fitness centers because of the chance of the virus spreading is going to increase a lot, especially by using the same equipment that can hold the virus for long time. So one has to be really careful and take all the precautions. I am sure a bunch of actors is going to be very happy for going back to the gym but at the same we all have got used to alternatives workout regimes. I will not be going to the gym. I will continue my yoga and going for a walk”.

TV actor Kettan Singh said, “It is a welcome change definitely for actors and public in general. I am not going to be heading to the Gym. I have developed a home workout schedule during the lock down, so I will stick to it for some time. Of course, the gym management will take care of sanitizing the area but I seriously don’t wish to risk it”.

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