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TV Celebrities Spill Exciting Details About Their Dhanteras Plans

With Dhanteras being just a few days away from the onset of Diwali 2020, Our Indian TV celebrities spill exciting details about their Dhanteras plans.

Diwali 2020 is just few days away, and with the most loved festive season just round the corner that too being two days away, the TV celebrities spill exciting details about their Dhanteras plans.

With Dhanteras that signifies buying anything auspicious and new, being just a few days away before the onset of Diwali 2020, not only the Bollywood, but also our Television fraternity is also feeling happy and thrilled as even with social distancing norms this time, not letting it dim their zealousness and festive spirit, the TV celebrities spill exciting details about their Dhanteras plans.

This time around, with Diwali being celebrated in social distancing coupled with only closest friends and family, for getting in the festive mood and spirit, TV celebrities spill exciting details about their Dhanteras plans.

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Udaan fame TV actor Vijayendra Kumeria says, “It has been a ritual for us to buy a gold coin every year. We consider it to be auspicious and we will do the same this year. It’s not from the point of view of investment though, it’s more sentimental. This is something we have been doing for years and shall continue in the future”.

Hamari Wali Good News (Zee TV), fame stunning actress Srishti Jain says, “My birthday is approaching and usually on my birthday, my father gifts me a gold coin. It’s like our little ritual! He’s always been someone who has guided me to build a future and taught me to make the right investments. So, this is his way of contributing to my future and I think it’s super special! I will be getting a gold coin from my papa. Dhanteras is the worship of Lord Dhanvantari. He is considered to be the Vaidya of Gods. He imparted the knowledge of Ayurveda to mankind for the betterment of health and life. For me, that’s the biggest significance of this day. I believe in Ayurveda, if I start talking about it, I won’t stop! But let’s just say this transformation in the lockdown happened with the help of Ayurveda. It’s the knowledge of medicine that the gods passed on to the sages and then to the human physicians. I think that is something mankind should be thankful for as well on Dhanteras”.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Star Plus, 2014) fame TV actress Rajshri Rani says, “I always buy something on Dhanteras. It is supposed to be auspicious.. but this Dhanteras is really important for me as after 6 days of Dhanteras, I will be getting married. So this time, I am going to buy at least a necklace with earrings”.

TV actor Kunal Thakkur says, “Dhanteras has always been an auspicious day for me. I usually try and buy something in gold for my mom. This year I am actually looking for a new house and hope to seal the deal on this day. It will be my Dhanteras gift to my wife, for me, Dhanteras is the start of Diwali, a great time to buy new things and head towards positivity and prosperity”.

Social media influencer Prateek Rana says, “I am not planning to buy any gold or silver item for Dhanteras, like every year. This year I will also buy some food and clothes for the needy and help them to make their Diwali happy. People buy gold and silver items on Dhanteras but I think if we fill someone’s day with happiness, then that will be our biggest gift for Dhanteras. I will go out on Dhanteras and find the needy or beggars, take them with me in Mc Donalds or whatever they prefer and spend my day with them and give them gifts. I feel really satisfied when they smile and hug me”.

Udaan fame ace TV actress Meera Deosthale says, “For Dhanteras, my mom loves buying gold every year and she makes sure we go out and buy gold coin or some kind of jewellery for her or me. The entire feel of Diwali is all about bringing positivity, light in your house. On Dhanteras, we do puja of all the things we have like our car or whatever jewellery we have”.

TV actor Ajay Chaudhary says, “Every Dhanteras, I buy a gold coin or silver coin for everyone. This time, I am thinking of buying something for my wife. During my childhood, my mom used to buy gold or silver or some utensils and that tradition is still going on. Coins are a ritual to buy, but apart from that, whatever my mother and wife like, I try to give it to them”.

TV actor Delnaaz Irani says, “Every Dhanteras, I go to my regular jewellers but I don’t what’s going to happen this year. I just pick up a gold coin as it is a shagun and if I feel to need to pick up some gold for myself, I do that as well. But this year, it’s only going to be small gold coin as that’s been a ritual since childhood”.

TV actor Rohit Chaudhary says, “The meaning of Dhanteras to me is Amrit. So, according to me, Dhanteras is to spread love and positivity and that is Amrit to me”.

Kasam (Colors TV, 2017) fame tv actress Pranitaa Pandit says, “Every year, I plan to buy something on Dhanteras, be it a small gold coin or sometime something big. But I always make it a point to buy something. This year actually I was planning to my husband a new phone and buy some nice gold thing for my daughter. This Dhanteras is special because I will buy not one thing but two things for my two special people”.

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