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TV Celebrities Expect More Spicy Drama From Bigg Boss 14

Apart from the audiences, viewers, fans and netizens who are watching this current season, even the TV celebrities expect more spicy drama from Bigg Boss 14.

We also saw how the audiences were really enjoying and also rooting for the new budding friendship of Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar with each other along with watching the controversial masala of heated arguments, tussle of words, old friendships being broken. new friendships bring christened, love triangles being formed and so on, which made this season one of the most exciting and amazing TV reality show of 2020 and it is even being loved by the TV celebrities outside the house, but now the latest update in the same league is that some TV celebrities expect more spicy drama from Bigg Boss 14.

The tagline of the current season ”Ab Scene Paltega” #BiggBossDega2020KoJawaab in Bigg Boss 14 from its day one of inception, itself saw the makers and creators being real to their tagline with the introduction of Toofani seniors Sidharth, Gauahar, and Hina in the house who ruled the celebrity contestant house mates inside the house and also ruled the entire season of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV with their powerful swag and confidence and after the exit of Toofani seniors day before yesterday, now the netizens and viewers are seeing the celebrity contestants in the house talking and trying to interact with each other. In this show, where every other second equations and bonding of people with each other are seen changing rapidly, the actors outside the house watching the show including the TV celebrities expect more spicy drama from Bigg Boss 14.

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Since Bigg Boss is a very successful reality show franchise in itself from past so many years that is airing each year on Colors TV with host being the ace Bollywood actor Salman Khan, now the expectations and entertainment level always gets raised and piqued by the fans, audiences, viewers and netizens but this time around, even the TV celebrities expect more spicy drama from Bigg Boss 14.

When a leading digital entertainment website spoke to a few TV celebrities about what more they are expecting from the current season of Bigg Boss 14, this is what they said –

When asked Dhruvee Haldankar she said, “The expectations are always high only if they all get down to fulfilling them. This year it’s different as all eyes will be glued to their screens and thus looking forward to some interesting content”.

During a casual conversation with Jhanvi Sethi, she revealed, “I am looking forward to enjoying ‘Bigg Boss’ with my entire family. As a co-founder of MyZindagi Foundation, I feel we have gone through a tough year mentally and financially as a community. So this will be much-needed entertainment”.

When asked Vikas Sethi about Bigg Boss 14, he quipped, “Bigg Boss to me has always been family entertainment. It engages and connects with everyone because it has what every family has, like fights, drama, celebrations, and moments of fun”.

During a recent chat with Srishti Jain when asked about how interesting is Bigg Boss 14 from all other seasons till now, she said, “Bigg Boss gets interesting each year, and they come up with different concepts and fun tasks every season. This year also I expect nothing less, with all the lovely people roped in to become a part of the show it seems like an interesting ensemble and it is very entertaining”.

When Kasam (Colors TV 2017) fame TV actress Pranitaa Pandit was asked about her take on this season of Bigg Boss 14, she said, “I watch ‘Bigg Boss’ religiously and I am a big-time fan of the show, so of course, I was expecting this year to be full of spice and madness. I am really looking forward to more drama and entertainment, and so do a lot of people who are sitting at home and not going to work. The show needs to be more entertaining now”.

When asked actor Bhavesh Kumar about his experience of watching the current season till now, he said, “It has been good so far and I loved how the seniors came inside the house as a surprise package. But the contestants need to be more active. It’s lacking drama and masala this season, at least from me”.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki fame actor Avinash Mukherjee when asked about Bigg Boss 14 told, “They have some really good contestants this time and I feel they are all strong in one way or the other. It has just begun and it’s only been three weeks, and I feel they have done a good job so far. Looking for more entertainment in the coming days”.

Actor Rohit Chaudhary also in the same interview said, “Bigg Boss is the most awaited show. I am following it regularly, but you can’t expect anything from the show because it will always show you the unexpected. The contestants should open up more now, it’s the third week”.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji (Star Plus 2018) actor Ansh Bagri said, “Bigg Boss is an entertaining show with a lot of masala and I was very excited this year as Jasmin Bhasin entered the show. She was my co-star and is a friend too. I am looking forward to seeing more of Jasmin. She is smart, a good human, and I wish that she wins this show because she has that potential”.

Delnaaz Irani who is also known for her acting in both Bollywood films and TV serials on ITV over the years, said, “I have always been a huge ‘Bigg Boss’ fan and I think the only season I have not watched is my season. I am watching the show this year too. Every year it is becoming bigger and better as a show so even the choice of contestants is lovely and entertaining”.

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