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TV Actor Preetika Chauhan Arrested By NCB For Buying Drugs

The infamous Bollywood drugs nexus is not just limited to only Indian cinema, but also has started spreading its clutches in the TV industry as TV actor Preetika Chauhan arrested by NCB for buying drugs.

Now the infamous drugs nexus is not just only limited to Bollywood industry anymore as it has started spreading its wings in Television industry as well. This entire chain of drugs cartel clean-up by NCB started from the moment when Rhea Chakraborty was arrested and now in a shocking turn of events, everyone will be shocked to learn that even a known TV actor Preetika Chauhan arrested by NCB for buying drugs.

It is due to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death that we got to know about the dark secret of drugs racket existing in Bollywood and now looks like the apex drugs controlling agency is clearly in no mood to stop their deep investigation and examination of the late actor’s death in which drugs usage was seen as the biggest link and key clue following which we saw biggest of Bollywood stars being summoned by their team for the same, where the film fanatics, fans and cinema lovers were witness to many surprising revelations which kind of shook the base of our love and immense support away from Bollywood films and actors and if that was not enough, another new surprising disclosure in the same trend of drug nexus is that now the TV actor Preetika Chauhan arrested by NCB for buying drugs.

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Also the latest news media reports suggest that she is going to be presented in the Killa court in some time after being arrested recently by their team where NCB officials were also positioned and present in plain clothes at two places in both Versova and Mumbai.

Also this is a very explosive recent development of the day that the entire case which originally was only being seen as a small seed connected to the larger mysterious conspiracy picture linked with Sushant’s death wherein we saw many drug chats and digital evidences being revealed by NCB’s team following which many well renowned B town actresses came under their radar and scrutiny for the same, now it has also seen a new branch spreading its clutches to the Television industry not even sparing them too with official public knowledge that TV actor Preetika Chauhan arrested by NCB for buying drugs.

After real life couple choreographer Sanam Johar and girlfriend Abigail Pande’s visit at the NCB guesthouse for the investigation since their name had also cropped up in the case, now the NCB’s team has yet again successfully managed to arrest another culprit in the form of TV actor Preetika Chauhan arrested by NCB for buying drugs after she got caught that too red handed by their team which has been stated in the official news website reports as well.

Also five people more have been arrested by the NCB and put in their official custody in this ongoing drugs nexus probe in lieu of Sushant’s death.

Preetika Chauhan is an ace TV actor who is best known for her role in TV serials like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Saavdhan India.

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