Tripti Shankhdhar Accuses Her Father For Threatening Her Life

Kumkum Bhagya actor Trupti Shankhdhar, who belongs to Bareilly, has claimed a threat to her life from her father.

Kumkum Bhagya actor Tripti Shankhdhar, who belongs to Bareilly, has claimed a threat to her life from her father.

The Kumkum Bhagya actor has posted a video on the social media in which she is heard claiming that her father, Ram Ratan Shankhdhar, wants to marry her off to a person of his choice and on her refusal to comply with his wish, has threatened to eliminate her.

She has sought protection from the Bareilly police. In the video clip, Tripti is heard accusing her father of pulling her by her hair and thrashing her.

She alleged that her father is asking her to return the money he gave her when she went to Mumbai.

Reportedly, Tripti is currently in her hometown in Bareilly, she shared, “Right now I am at the police station and my father is also present here. I had filed a police complaint against him and cops have got him here. But I don’t want any legal procedure ahead or send him to jail. I just want a settlement as my mother, brother, sister and I don’t want to stay with him anymore.”

In an interview, when asked why she took such a big step against her own father, to which Tripti revealed, “He has always been a violent father and has been torturing us since childhood. Yesterday, he also beat me, my mother, brother and sister too. And it’s high time now.”

Tripti Shankhdhar posted her video clip on her social media account, late on Tuesday night. The 19-years-old actor has now left her home with her mother.

He could not be contacted for his comments. Tripti has worked in serials like Kumkum Bhagya and also in a South Indian film.

The Bareilly police said that they have not received any written complaints but learned about the actor’s post on social media a few hours ago. “We are investigating the matter,” said a senior police official.