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Top Prison Escape Movies and Shows

Here is a list of some top shows centered on a prison escape.

To date a lot of movies and shows have shown a successful or unsuccessful prison escape. Here are some top shows and movies that centered some great and unique prison escapes and the inmates running away from being captives.

1) Shawshank Redemption

The plot of the movie revolves around an innocent man Andy Dufresne who is accused of his wife’s murder and punished with a life sentence. He is put into the most strict and brutal prison present in those days. Andy further becomes successful in escaping the prison in the most unique type possible.

2) The Great Escape

This movie is based on the times of the Second World War. A group of captives makes a plan to escape the most dangerous German prison during the war. This movie is also rated as one of the top escape movies.

3) Prison Break

Prison Break is a series of 5 seasons. The story is about a structural engineer Michael Scofield who wishfully goes to a prison to break out his falsely accused brother. Michael tattooed his whole escape plan on his body to make a successful escape.

4) Escape Plan

The series of movies where a prison break expert played by Silvester Stallon is hired to break out from the most renowned and impossible to break prisons.

We suggest you binge-watch these movies soon and entertain yourself with the various unique ways to escape a prison.

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