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Top Addictive Web Series you should Binge Watch

Here are some top addictive series you should binge-watch.

In case you are getting bored with your current watchlist of web series, there are a lot of shows in a variety of genres that you can scroll through and pass your time. No matter if you love to watch the latest shows or some old ones there are many shows to choose from.

Here is the list of 5 top addictive shows which you should binge-watch soon.

1) FRIENDS: This series has been ruling the OTT platforms for over 25 years. This show is about 6 friends each unique in their own way and how they live their lives in the expensive city of Manhattan.

2) Money Heist: The series changed the whole dynamics of heist thrillers. The series is originally made in Spanish and later translated into English. The story is a unique heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. You should definitely watch the show.

3) Arrowverse: If you are a superhero and vigilante show fan you should watch the shows in the Arrowverse series. The series are Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow.

4) Breaking Bad: This show has also gained a lot of fame among the young audience. The story revolves around a chemistry expert and meth cook Walter White and his partner Jessie Pinkman.

5) The Family Man: The Family Man is an Indian Series on Amazon Prime. If you are in a mood to watch family drama and action then Family Man is the perfect combination for you.

This is the top 5 shows according to our recommendation if you have any other favorite we would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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