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Top 5 Crime Thriller shows on Netflix you should never miss

Here is a list of top 5 crime thriller shows on Netflix to never miss.

If you are a new user of Netflix than surely you are just scrolling through the enormous range of options available to watch on the platform you may be finding it difficult to decide on which show to start watching and which show is the best one to watch. We know it is a hard choice to make in the massive variety available.

But, if you are a crime thriller loving person, you don’t have to worry anymore as we are here with the list of top 5 crime thriller shows available on Netflix which you can start watching instantly.

1) Sherlock

The first choice we have for you is Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. We suggest this series a must-watch series. Cumberbatch has totally nailed the Sherlock character in the series.

2) Breaking Bad

The series revolves around a high school chemistry teacher Walter White being diagnosed by incurable lung cancer. So he further steps into the crime world by cooking meth and earns more to secure his family’s future after he dies.

3) Ultraviolet

The story of a 30-year-old movie who witnesses a suspicious suicide but is not believed by anyone. She later turns to a small local detective agency. The series is based on a book by Deborah Halberd named ‘The Skeleton Crew’.

4) Money Heist

The series rated as the most addictive series on Netflix and we Suggest you definitely watch the series. The series is based on a group of thieves executing their plan to rob the royal mint of Spain.

5) Rebirth

This series is full of suspense plot throughout. A plot of the series is a rebirth reunion trip of two college friends and what happens next is for you to watch.

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