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Times When Salman Khan Threatened To Leave Bigg Boss But Didn’t

So many times Salman Khan got angry on the contestants of Bigg Boss in the past years. Here are a few of those times.

It was necessary for the makers of the show to spice up the ongoing season of the show after a big drop of ratings in the previous season. Hence the 13th season of the celebrity reality show Bigg Boss with a lot of twists after consecutive season with commoner contestants. The season brought about some new concepts like the finale after the first month, Ameesha Patel being the lady of the new set Bigg Boss house in Mumbai.

Being a show based on real-life celebrities and their way of living it sure has to have a lot of ego fights and attitude misunderstandings. Some of these fights and arguments cross the limit and get Salman Khan fumed in anger who comes every weekend as the report card of contestants performances. Here are the few times Salman Khan angrily threatened to leave the show but eventually didn’t.

1. In one of the weekend episodes of the 12th season of the show, Salman Khan slammed Surbhi Rana, Saba Khan, Srishty Rode and Shivashish Mishra for their violent behavior on the show.

2. In the 19th season of the show, Salman Khan threatened to cancel the contract with the channel on which Bigg Boss airs if the channel offers any further work to Priyanka Jagga, as he was furious on her behavior with Manu Punjabi.

Above are just two of many times when Salman Khan ago really angry and threatened to leave the show but eventually he did not.

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