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This Is What Suave Telly Star Sharad Malhotra Enjoys Watching On TV

Best known for his strong performances as Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Raunak in Muskaan, and Veeranshu in Naagin 5, suave and dapper TV star Sharad Malhotra gets candid in his new interview on the all time favorite bollywood films he loves watching in his free time and much more.

After winning the hearts of his fans and audiences as the flamboyant and multilayered bad boy Ichchadhari cheel Veeranshu Singhania in TV producer Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 5 (Colors TV, 2020 – 2021) which ended just a few days ago, This is what suave telly star Sharad Malhotra enjoys watching on TV.

In a recent interview off late post Naagin 5 ended, we get to know this is what suave telly star Sharad Malhotra enjoys watching on TV.

In his recent interview off late opening up on his favorite all time films that he absolutely loves watching on TV, his social media fandom will get happy to know exactly this is what their suave telly star Sharad Malhotra enjoys watching on TV.

One of the hunk heartthrob TV superstars whose charming smile and killer acting chops have made his fans go aww and ga ga on his multi layered character of Ichchadhari cheel Veeranshu Singhania essayed by Sharad with perfection in Naagin 5, he totally deserves all the love and applauds coming his way after the most popular supernatural Naagin franchise’s Naagin 5 recently got ended a few days back but the love coming in from followers and fans is amazing.

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Even being busy with his work in TV serials, this is totally true and real fact that the hunk TV heartthrob Sharad Malhotra is an absolute and die hard fan of Bollywood movies.

The hunk TV superstar who was last seen in his best path breaking performance of Veeranshu Singhania in Naagin 5, his favorite genre is patriotic films within which he also has quite a few favorite films that he enjoys watching on TV whenever he gets the time.

Elucidating on the same point, Sharad asserted, “Well, my most favourite patriotic film is Border because it is a classic. I remember watching Border when I was much younger and I can still sit and watch it today with the same admiration. The next film which I love in this genre is Lakshya. I feel Hrithik Roshan is amazing in the film. Also, the disciple that Army officers have to follow is shown so beautifully in the film. I love it. And lastly, I love URI. It’s a movie which I have seen time and again and I love Vicky Kaushal’s performance. It’s a film that still gives me goosebumps!”.

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