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“There Is Nothing New In Your App…Its Same In US Also”- Says Shark Anupam Mittal From Shark Tank India

Entrepreneurs pitch their creativity in Shark Tank India.

Shark Tank India has made lots of entrepreneurs get a better deal to uplift their businesses in India and later expand overseas too.  One of the business couples came to Shark Tank India with a motive to change the learning style of kids to enjoy learning as well as spending time on screen that will not harm their eyes. GunjanApp Studio’s founders pitch for 2.5 crores for 1% equity making it a 200-crore evaluation. The sharks were amazed by such an evaluation.

They shared that 9min was the minimum time that a kid from 1-10 approx. was spending on screen but now it has changed during covid. It has increased to 60 mins and now when things have started to open up again it is still 45 mins. So, they decided to keep it at least a fun 45 mins. 

After much discussion, Anupam, co-founder of Shaadi.com said to them that there is nothing new in the app they have introduced as it is very similar to the US one ABC mouse app. Vineeta also backed out saying that even though life has now depended on screens still at least kids should be kept away from this as far as they can.

Later every shark backed out saying that it needs more work and is either a huge success or no success and the founders went out empty-handed.

Apart from this a son-mother duo with a healthy idea pitched in for 30 lakhs for 10% equity. Sharing the story of a single mother who single-handedly raised a son now 19 years old, started Simply Healthy in covid, and now is associated with Swiggy and Zomato for delivery to almost the whole of Ahmedabad. The story touched the sharks and Vineeta and Aman offered them a deal. Another entrepreneur came up with the idea for a digital stethoscope that can not only help a doctor but can reduce the distance from a remote village to a city doctor. After listening to the pitch Namita offered them a deal and they accepted it.  

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