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The Netflix Series Must Be Added This Weekend To Your Binge-Watch List

Netflix has got an endless collection of movies and TV shows on all genres, lengths, and qualities. Also, they keep adding new stuff to their collection making it difficult to pick one. So, what should you binge on is the question? Relax. We got you covered.

1. The Crown

The TV Show is based on an award-winning play (“The Audience”) by showrunner Peter Morgan, This lavish, Netflix-original drama chronicles is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) from the 1940s to modern times.

2. Criminal Minds

The series focuses on an elite group of profilers who analyses the nation’s most dangerous criminal minds to take into account their next moves before they strike again.

3. Riverdale

If by any chance you have somehow missed on the dark take of the Archie comics when it premiered in 2017, you can catch up now by watching Riverdale.

4. The Good Place

Eleanor is a dead saleswoman who had lived a corrupt life while on earth somehow finds herself in a heaven-like afterlife in a case of mistaken identity and tries to hide her past in order to stay there.

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