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The Best Horror Films To Binge Watch 2019

Here are 4 Best Horror films to binge watch this week.

1. Child’s Play 

Karen is a burnt-out single mom and transplant to a new city, stuck working the return desk at a Walmart knockoff store.  When she takes home a defective and ultra-violent smart-doll, Chucky, it’s not long before the bloody rampage begins.

2. Escape Room 

The film is about six people who are from different walks of life who decide to participate in an escape room competition to win ten thousand dollars. Things begin to change when they find themselves in many horrifying circumstances.

3. Haunt 

On the night of Halloween, a group of few friends encounters an extremely haunted house. This house promises to feed on their darkest fears. The night turns out to be deadly as they come to realize that sometimes nightmares are real.

4. Eli 

A boy who seems to be allergic to everything & anything. So his parents bring him to a clinic where he is cured. He soon becomes trapped in the same haunted house where he is getting treated.

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