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From A Tea Fit Mom To Pooranpoli King; Shark Tank India Salutes Entrepreneurs Visions

Mom shark and Pooranpoli king came to Shark Tank India.

Every week in Shark Tank India great visionary entrepreneurs pitch their company’s stake that not only gets them investment but also their valuation making sharks go amazed.

With such an amaze vision a mom of two overtly active sons enters the shark tank to pitch for 2.5% equity as her kid intervened and the sharks were impressed by the kid’s presence of mind. She knew everything back and front of her business and didn’t stop at any questions. Everybody liked her outspoken nature and whereabouts and gave her the deal for the same amount at 8% equity with 3 Sharks.

Another SRCC graduate Aniket Doengar who had opened an app Haqdarshak where he pitches all the government schemes and scholarships to people with low-income groups and below the poverty line. He pitched for 1 crore for 0.5% equity with a valuation of 200 crores. Biggest valuation in shark tank India to date. He provides information and various policy details to people and has 90% female employees and has helped about 100000 people to date. After the sharks pitched Namita, Aman and Peyush Bansal pitched in for 1% equity.

Bhaskar KR who belongs to Karnataka came in with other business partners for his Pooranpoli business in Shark Tank India. His story made the sharks move as he started this business on his cycle and later became a king in that.

The Karnataka man now runs a multi-million-dollar grocery store in his state and Maharashtra. His brand “Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar” is famous in both Karnataka and Maharashtra and he intends to spread it all over the country. When the sharks asked him how he got so big, he confidently told a story of honesty and simplicity.

They pitched for 75 lakhs for 1% equity. They wish to expand this to pan- India and even to the world. The Sharks did not invest in their business but wished him all the best for the future.

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