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Tasks And Emergency Situation In Bigg Boss 16 Grips Inmates For Finale

Nominations and only three rooms for 8 people!!

As the finale is near new tasks are being arranged in the bigg boss house. In the upcoming episode, we will see that there is an emergency in the house. Bigg Boss commands all the members to vacate their rooms as now only three rooms will be in use.

Emergency in Bigg Boss 16!

Shiv and Priyanka are fighting over a room and later all occupy the beds. nobody is ready to share the rooms with others. As all the belongings and food are taken another issue is created in the house.

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The Tina and Shalin fight continues. In the nomination round, Nimrit nominates Tina. Shalin nominates Tina calling her fake and playing with his emotions. ‘You are a disastrous soul that one can ever have’-Shalin says and Tina smirks at his remarks.

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In the nomination round, a new set of nominations is done where inmates have to nominate the person with a stone in a pot. the theme is inspired by the Thirsty crow story.

Archana nominates Shiv as he is here because of his team. Tina nominates Shalin as he acted his way and later humiliated others. Sumbul nominates Priyanka as she is only using people for her convenience. Let’s see who will be evicted from the house this week.

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