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Tarun Khanna Reveals Why Fitness Is Like Oxygen To Him

Tarun Khanna, who is popular for playing Lord Shiv in several TV shows, says fitness is like oxygen to him.

Talking to news portal, Tarun opened up about how he started getting interested in fitness, he said, “Fitness means the world to me. When I was a kid, I was very weak. I used to fall sick frequently. In my growing-up years, people often made fun of me and that was the time when I made a resolution that I will never be weak. Since then, fitness has been like oxygen to me.”

Even Tarun’s films or TV roles demanded him to stay fit, talking about it, Tarun shared, “I have played the role of Mahadev eight times on different platforms. That requires me to bare my upper torso. Hence, to flaunt that, you need to have a proper physique. I don’t make it overly muscular but I make it look athletic.”

To keep a healthy balance between his mind and body, he does yoga.

“I don’t do yoga everyday but I make sure I do it at least four times a week. It definitely helps me strike the right balance between my physical and mental fitness,” he shared.

Tarun is currently seen in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama as the witty and fun-loving king, Raja Krishnadevaraya.

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