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Tarot Card Reader Dr Neelam Predicts Future Of B Town Celebs In 2021

Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer Dr Neelam (Kaajal) predicts future of these B town celebs during her recent tarot card reading session.

With the successful embark of the new year after the odd ball 2020 that was for everyone, ace and renowned tarot card reader Dr Neelam predicts future of B town celebs in 2021.

Dr Neelam is a renowned and ace celebrity tarot card reader and during her recent tarot card reading session, tarot card reader Dr Neelam predicts future of B town celebs in 2021.

From getting a big break to doing well financially, tarot card reader Dr Neelam predicts future of B town celebs in 2021.

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For Ranveer Singh Dr Neelam said, “2021 signifies a Karmic year for you. As you sow, so shall you reap. The start of the month of January symbolises spiritual/ holistic depth due to painful experiences. The year 2020 has given you great wisdom which will be a stepping stone in 2021. With strength and trust in yourself, you move towards creating a stable foundation, the skills that you have experienced recently will stand with you. All your investments will show gains. The month of April could be very traumatic in your love corner, look at the bright side of things or you could enter in anxiety or panic. But it will improve by June. Be careful about your emotions as it could blind your vision in your career choices, you could be carrying unwanted burdens. Tarot tip go back to your old way of thinking as it always has helps you with solutions. August / September/October are your prime months. Whatever you touch, it will turn to gold. Take care of your health in October as some minor issues related to your back are indicated in the cards. By the end of 2021, you would have some great opportunities and by the grace of God, these will fill you with spiritual and energetic realms. You are a good old soul, so universal guidance will always favour you”.

For Deepika Padukone she said, “The first few months of the year 2021 start with a feeling of being trapped and victimised. You could be feeling powerless because of your thoughts which are totally scattered. Take care of your mind. Practise mindfulness or the helplessness feeling could harm your health in a major way. Some good projects will come your way but will bring confusion. You could have difficulties in making the right choices and that could harm your professional corner. The cards suggest unless you move past the confusion and conflict in your mind there can be no progress. Even if the universe wants to give you the receiving is blurred from your side. The year shows a good time for childbirth and happiness but again you need to be ready by clearing your mind. A good support system will always be around you providing you love, care and joy, provided you see and feel it. Tarot cards advise you to look at the glass full not at the glass as half empty”.

For well renowned french makeup expert and hairstylist Florian Hurel Dr Neelam says, “January 2021 shows good growth in your life. In March, some situations may not turn out the way you have expected and that could bring dissatisfaction but you will outgrow that and move ahead. August could bring sudden chaos, upheaval in your relationship corner and if not looked in and repaired, it could turn into a major issue by 2021 end. Professionally, you will feel creative and inspire people around you with your passion. 2021 will help you with ideas that will go well in your field. Financially, this is a good time for cash flow, also a good time in terms of investments. You will reap the benefits of your hard work, share your abundance of wealth with those in need”.

For the soon to be debutante Bollywood actor Aniruddh Dave (Bell Bottom, 2021), Dr Neelam said, “Your ability for hard work and your dedication will bring you material success. A recent trade, proposition, or commercial venture is adding a deeper significance to your life. Regarding investments, the cards call out for caution. You will need to make sure and see all facts before you decide on what and with whom to invest. This energy takes an upscale from June and will make you move on smoothly till the year-end. With conviction, you will be propelled forward. Your comfort with authority creates room for recognition and success to manifest in your life. The cards warn you about health in the month of June. Stress can be hurtful for the mind and body. Health should be on priority this month. Take some time to tame your schedule and dedicate good time to your mind and body”.

For popular South films actress and soon to be Bollywood debutante actress Aakanksha Singh Dr Neelam told, “This year starts with new opportunities and choices. You will have many options to choose but be careful you could be prone to illusion and unrealistic ideas or promises of money, fame or power. They may sound appealing but when looked deeper, it might not be real.  Major cards show success and prosperity. In July/ August / September,  you could allow your imagination and emotions to take control of your life. This could give birth to fear and self-deception so the cards are warning you to be extra careful and to be realistic. Also, these three months be careful about trusting and sharing personal details. You need to control your irritation or anger otherwise you can lose some good people who are your support system. Try to be in your comfort zone and not going on too many adventures, the rest will be taken care of by divine intelligence and intervention”.

For ace and bonafide Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn, Dr Neelam asserted, “A year filled with divine, luck and blessings. 2021 promises you prosperity and growth and all your hard work will get rewards and results. There are new beginnings and opportunities. The year will have a beautiful combination of spiritual and material realms. A master manifestor, you will have the tools and resources to make your dreams come true. Everything that you need will be on your fingertips. The cards denote balance and moderation in your life. You will have a stable and abundant life force energy around you. June-July could be stressed a bit but little things won’t get to you, thanks to your seemingly abundant source of patience. By Dec 2021, you could plan more self-time as an inward journey is indicated. You could look out to create a more spiritual/holistic shift within or more introspection of life and it’s journey”.

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